[Coladam] using your webcam to make coleco images

Daniel Bienvenu newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Thu Jan 13 02:37:43 CET 2011


ColecoCam :

It's still not user-friendly, but some of you may find out how it works by reading the following. The idea is to first allow this program to use your webcam and then wait 10 seconds. After 10 seconds, the program generates a still picture based on your webcam and the graphics specification of the TMS9928 video chip (used in ColecoVision, Coleco ADAM, TI99/4a, MSX-1 and also Memotech 512). If you do nothing the processus continues for another 10 seconds. If you click on the generated picture, you should be able to download the picture as a rom file playable with any ColecoVision emulator or even a real ColecoVision. Trouble? If your webcam is already in use, it will not works. If your Flash isn't setup to use your webcam, right-click on the Flash application and access the webcam menu, you may also need to setup the amount of memory needed. Make sure your Flash is (at least) or it will never works. If it still doesn't work then you can't use ColecoCam,

ColecoMe :

It's a project I was thinking to do long time ago (before year 2000) but never started to code it. The idea is to use your input into a pre-compiled project, making each copy of these Coleco projects something personal you can then offer as a gift or play for your own satisfaction. ColecoMe is more a bunch of softwares that makes a bunch of different projects. ColecoCam is a simple example of your input used into a Coleco project. For now, only ColecoCam will be available, other projects like pre-compiled games to modify graphics and even eCards for Valentine's Day are things that fits into ColecoMe project.

Daniel B.


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