[Coladam] ADAM no-slot clock long-term accuracy

Rich Drushel drushel at apk.net
Mon Jan 17 17:43:45 CET 2011

     In past discussion of my all-in-one ADAM HD system, I forgot to
mention that it also had a no-slot realtime clock (SmartWatch).  Unlike
the Eve/Orphanware clock (which is on a card for one of the internal
expansion slots), the no-slot clock plugs into an existing ROM socket
(and if there is already a ROM in the socket, you piggyback the ROM onto
the SmartWatch).  It has an internal (non-replacable) battery so that
the clock keeps time even when the system is off.  It is supported under
SmartBASIC 1.x as CLK type 1.

     Anyways, while testing the system under SB1.x last weekend, I
remembered the clock.  I figured that the battery was long dead (I bought
the SmartWatch from Radio Shack at least 15 years ago), and the last time
I can be sure that the system was powered up was at ADAMcon XIII (10 years
ago).  So it was with curiosity that I typed at the SB1.x prompt:

? DATE$;" ";TIME$

and it responded with the *CORRECT* date (including weekday) and a time
that was off by less than 3 hours!  Specifically, TIME$ reported
20:46:40 when the real time (by networked laptop) was 18:05:05.

     Not too bad a drift after 10 years!

     *Dr. D.*

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