[Coladam] computer networking wisdom needed

Steve Pitman swp at cinci.rr.com
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Are you running Zone Alarm?   if so, try closing it and see if the internet 
works.  That's a common problem...

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> Once again I call on the great computer minds here to help me out. I am 
> having a problem that is driving me absolutely crazy.
> We have several computers in the house that are set up on a network for 
> their Internet connection. Basically there is my computer, a backup 
> computer just a few feet away, my wife's laptop in the kitchen and my 
> son's desktop in his room.
> All are running Windows XP
> My computer is the main computer. On my desk sits the cable modem which is 
> plugged into the wireless/wired router. This problem revolves around my 
> computer, not the others.
> My computer is plugged into the router directly via a Ethernet LAN cable 
> as is the backup computer on the desk next to my main computer desk.
> The problem is, my Internet connection frequently drops...it just goes 
> dead...this has no time frame in happening...it can happen anywhere from 
> 30 seconds after turning my computer on to hours later. But the backup 
> computer sitting on the other desk keeps its connection. When I reboot my 
> computer, everything is fine again...for awhile...then out of the blue it 
> will drop again.
> I have run the command prompt and done a PING test when this happens and 
> there's nothing. Right next door on the other computer, PING returns 
> everything PING is supposed to.
> Anyone got any ideas why this is happening? I can't find any differences 
> between the network configuration between the two computers and 
> considering they are hooked up identically, I can't figure out what is 
> wrong. I've switched cables, plugged the cables into different ports in 
> the router, etc. with the same result.
> thanks
> Joe B.
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