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Frances and/or Richard Clee cleechez at tamcotec.com
Sun Mar 6 04:52:19 CET 2011

Joe - your basic explanation is simple. You're dealing with a computer.

When I get stuck on computer questions, I tend to find the gurus at 
to be very helpful and knowledgeable. It's a small board with thin 
membership so your queries doint get overlooked nor lost in an instant 
deluge of replies, but there's usually sufficient expertise around to 
either give you the answer or provide a link to where it will be found. 
I do suggest you give them a try.

My home wireless is strictly a hotspot with a Cisco Valet router, all 
plug and play. Every month or two either the router or the modem gets a 
fit of the sulks and wants to be rebooted before it will go back to 
work. But then all three computers are cut off.

We should have the same configuration on all three computers, but at 
bootup my Acer laptop connects to the network on its own, my wife's Acer 
laptop connects during the POST cycle but then wants its wireless button 
pressed again after Windows is loaded, and the desktop seems to lose all 
memory of what a network is if put on standby. Go figure.

It's like our standing joke on the weekly Adam chat - I usually get 
dropped off it for no visible reason some few times a session, often 
when someone else joins or exits. Others will have this problem maybe 
one night every year or two. No one can figure it out. But it happens 
only when I'm using my desktop, it never happens on the laptop.

But with luck maybe you'll find someone who can guess why your computer 
behaves so strangely, even if they are at a loss for a cure.

On 3/5/2011 2:17 AM, Joe Blenkle wrote:
> Once again I call on the great computer minds here to help me out. I am having a problem that is driving me absolutely crazy.
> We have several computers in the house that are set up on a network for their Internet connection. Basically there is my computer, a backup computer just a few feet away, my wife's laptop in the kitchen and my son's desktop in his room.
> All are running Windows XP
> My computer is the main computer. On my desk sits the cable modem which is plugged into the wireless/wired router. This problem revolves around my computer, not the others.
> My computer is plugged into the router directly via a Ethernet LAN cable as is the backup computer on the desk next to my main computer desk.
> The problem is, my Internet connection frequently drops...it just goes dead...this has no time frame in happening...it can happen anywhere from 30 seconds after turning my computer on to hours later. But the backup computer sitting on the other desk keeps its connection. When I reboot my computer, everything is fine again...for awhile...then out of the blue it will drop again.
> I have run the command prompt and done a PING test when this happens and there's nothing. Right next door on the other computer, PING returns everything PING is supposed to.
> Anyone got any ideas why this is happening? I can't find any differences between the network configuration between the two computers and considering they are hooked up identically, I can't figure out what is wrong. I've switched cables, plugged the cables into different ports in the router, etc. with the same result.
> thanks
> Joe B.
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