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There were A LOT of backup/copy utilities created over the years for the 
ADAM that would allow for the transfer of programs between Disk and Data 
Packs or any combination of them. The two "BEST" programs to get a hold of 
are File Manager v3.0 by AJM Software (Tony Morehen) and Backup+ v3.0 by 
MMSG Software (Jim Marshall), with File Manager v3.0 being the BEST all 
around program due to it's sheer amount of capabilities.

One thing to be aware of when copying to Data Packs is the existence of two 
different Data Pack formats referred to as:

- Center Directory DDP (CDDDP) - this is the standard data pack format that 
most software is provided on and all the blank data packs that were sold 
were provided as.

- Right Directory DDP (RDDDP) - this was a special data pack format Coleco 
came up with for all their Super Games like Buck Rogers, etc. that allowed 
for faster loading of game data. When copying a RDDDP, you have to copy it 
to another RDDDP and all of the Super Games DDPs can only be copied to 
another RDDDP, they can't be copied to a disk. Jim Walters of Walters 
Software patched all the Super Games to work from disk in 1985/1986. There 
are a few Coleco game software titles like Family Feud and The Best of 
Broderbund, to name a couple, that can be copied directly to Disk since they 
were supplied on CDDDPs and the programmer did not make them drive specific.

Also, be aware of the fact that there is a bug in the ADAM's Operating 
System when dealing with these two different format DDPs. Insert a CDDDP and 
the ADAM will always think a CDDDP is in the drive, even after you swap it 
out with a RDDDP and therefore cause the system to hang-up when trying to 
read the directory. You have to reset the system to eleviate this problem. 
As long as the programmer of whatever program "resets" ADAMnet (not the 
system), this will not be a problem.... and Backup+ does take this into 
account. I'm not sure about File Manager, but knowing Tony M., he probably 
took this into account as well.

So in the end.... BACKUP!, BACkUP! and BACKUP! and when you think you've 
done enough backups, backup again! With the age of these systems and storage 
media, you never know. I would make it a point to have a version of said 
program on DDP as well as on DISK, that way if a drive goes bad, you have 
the other format to fall back on.

Jim N.

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> Hi all,
>  Does ADAM have a program that would allow you to put a DDP program on a 
> disk and vice versa?  I would like back ups for my programs and be able to 
> switch bewteen DDP and disk.  I’ve read about CopyCart but I am not sure 
> if that does what I need it to do.  Thanks.
> Justin
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