[Coladam] copy program

Frances and/or Richard Clee cleechez at tamcotec.com
Sun Mar 6 21:52:19 CET 2011

A mild demurrer and a couple of questions inspired by Jim's answer. 
First, I found that when I had my disc drive plugged in I needed File 
Manager 3.0 to handles it, which of course it did well, but when the 
disc drive was gone the machine got sulky and would only accept 2.2 or 
earlier. This could simply be an idiosyncrasy of my machine or could 
reflect something more profound. That I don't know.

By the way, I found the Practical Programs suite pretty useful for 
copying and editing functions too, but between File Manager and Disc 
Doctor, and other programs by Tony Morehen and Guy Cousineau I found my 
needs sufficiently well met that I forgot about the others.

Some tapes can't be copied to discs because they have a drive specifier 
in the boot block. Somewhere in my 40 tons of paper I have the 
instructions for editing the byte involved but haven't seen it for about 
15 years. If anyone would like to send it to me I can post it on 
carnuts.ca so we all can have it.

Didn't know the Walters twins had patched the Supergames to run on 
discs. I know with some like "Richard Scary's Best Workbook" there were 
issues because they were longer than the 160K capacity of the Adam disc. 
But didn't someone also report a successful transfer simply by using the 
block copy function in File Manager?

And of course I wholly endorse the backup everything often advice.

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