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You might be using File Manager v3.1, which if I recall correctly was 
configured for Hard Drives and 3 1/2" High Density drives by Micro 
Innovations... really can't say for sure as the non-existence of one of 
these drives or any drive for that matter shouldn't cause a problem with 
running the program from Data Drives. Can't really offer up more than that 
on the subject.

Practical Programs' Basic System Manager and copy utility were nice programs 
for their time and still plenty good enough to handle people's requirements, 
but when there is a program or two that are so much better than the rest... 
why use anything else. Kinda like the glut of ramdisk utilities that were 
put out over the years by Jim & Bruce Walters/Walters Software Co. and 
Soloman Swift/Digital Express... all that effort to put out 
competing/similar programs when one could have been handling those (the 
Walters), while Sol should have been focusing on other types of programs 
that were needed. I know, competition is good and having a monopoly is bad, 
but prices for their warez were pretty cheap (usually no more than $20 with 
the exceptional warez closer to $30) and we ADAMites were starving for more 
and better warez covering the full spectrum of needs.

Good point re. the drive specifier in the boot block. The SuperGames had 
this issue as well as the fact that the games' blocks used were scattered 
over the length of the Data Pack in a way that made the loading faster (some 
blocks used followed by a group of unused blocks followed by more used 
blocks, etc.). This made the conversion of these games to disk format a 
rather difficult task for Jim Walters, but he pulled it off and got little 
in return for his efforts.

Concerning Richard Scarry's, Jim Walters was paid by Shon McCallum to 
convert this game to a 5 1/4" 320K format. At about the same time or maybe a 
little earlier, Ron Collins developed a patch that would do the same thing 
and we printed it in the NIAD Newsletter. Also, at the end of 1992, Doug 
Rosenvinge came upon a bunch of stuff from a former Coleco employee and a 
two-disk (160K) version was included in the lot.

Last but not least, let me reiterate if you didn't get it the first time.... 


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>A mild demurrer and a couple of questions inspired by Jim's answer.
> First, I found that when I had my disc drive plugged in I needed File
> Manager 3.0 to handles it, which of course it did well, but when the
> disc drive was gone the machine got sulky and would only accept 2.2 or
> earlier. This could simply be an idiosyncrasy of my machine or could
> reflect something more profound. That I don't know.
> By the way, I found the Practical Programs suite pretty useful for
> copying and editing functions too, but between File Manager and Disc
> Doctor, and other programs by Tony Morehen and Guy Cousineau I found my
> needs sufficiently well met that I forgot about the others.
> Some tapes can't be copied to discs because they have a drive specifier
> in the boot block. Somewhere in my 40 tons of paper I have the
> instructions for editing the byte involved but haven't seen it for about
> 15 years. If anyone would like to send it to me I can post it on
> carnuts.ca so we all can have it.
> Didn't know the Walters twins had patched the Supergames to run on
> discs. I know with some like "Richard Scary's Best Workbook" there were
> issues because they were longer than the 160K capacity of the Adam disc.
> But didn't someone also report a successful transfer simply by using the
> block copy function in File Manager?
> And of course I wholly endorse the backup everything often advice.
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