[Coladam] ADAM vaporware?

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Once Coleco abandoned the ADAM, the deal they had struck with Westico was 
null and void. I don't think Westico ever converted one CP/M program to ADAM 
CP/M format. Thankfully, Elliam Associates stepped in and offered their 
conversion services for quite a number of years. I don't know exactly all 
the programs that they ended up converting to ADAM CP/M format, but the 
following programs from your list were made available and more than like 
some of the others:

- MicroSoft Basic v4.51
- dBASE II v2.4
- WordStar v3.0 and v3.3

Lots of other commercial programs were converted as well, but I didn't pay 
as much attention to this alternate OS for the ADAM. I basically learned 
enough in order to help people with the basics, etc.


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> So I’m going through my “PROFESSIONAL CP/M SOFTWARE” catalog  from 
> Westico, circa 1984.  In it, are some fascinating programs for the ADAM, 
> but I wonder if any of these were actually produced: Microsoft BASIC, 
> Microsoft Multiplan, dBASE II, Datebook II, Mailcom (very awesome), CP/M 
> WorkShop, Real Estate Appraisal, and WordStar.  Were any of these actually 
> released?
> Justin
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