[Coladam] Re : Mario Bros. and other new games

Daniel Bienvenu newcoleco at yahoo.fr
Mon Mar 28 03:53:20 CEST 2011

> Can anyone confirm this or provide more
> information?  Is it possible to obtain these games in
> a file format compatible with AdamEm?

Answer short... maybe. Because these games are not my work, I'll not provide any of these rom files myself. But I can tell you how you can find at least one of them.

Well, the games you are refering to were (or still are) published by CollectorVision from the following web site. 


The way this guy operates, he pay someone to program a game and so on to release new games for the ColecoVision. After selling all the copies (between 50 and 100), the guy sometimes drop a note on AtariAge forums at the ColecoVision section to tell us when a game is sold out, or (at least for one game) make a rom file available if you write to him.


Since AtariAge is attacked by trolls and nasty hackers, you need to register (create an account) and wait for the admin approval to start using the forums... which may take some time. When done, search for the ColecoVision section and look for thread of the new homebrew game you are interested in to see if rom files are available. There is a thread telling you how to get Mario Bros for CV as a rom file.

Have a nice day


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