[Coladam] MI Disk Drives

David yyzonian at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 4 17:02:05 CEST 2011

This is the first comment like this that I have heard. I own several of the MI disk drives and they seem fairly robust and have not had an issue with any of them. Is this a presumption or have you heard specific feedback about them being unreliable?
I could also say that a lot of the original Coleco drives that do wind up on Ebay are not really tested working so that doesnt seem to stop too many people from selling them anyway.  And I bought at least 2 off Ebay that were not fully functional.
But you are right, I watch for them too and cant recall ever seeing one on Ebay. I should put one up on Ebay and test the waters...
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> Seems like the large majority of Mark's/Micro Innovations drives didn't have 
> a very long lifespan unfortunately... probably why I haven't seen a single 
> one go up on an eBay auction since I've been following things. It's either 
> that or the simple fact that those ADAMites who were still around and bought 
> these drives from Mark are the true hardcore fans and will probably never 
> sell their drive.

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