[Coladam] MI Disk Drives

Joe Blenkle jblenkle at sacnews.net
Mon Jul 4 22:30:27 CEST 2011

Jim said...

"Another oddity is the total lack of converted Disks Drives (320K, 360K and
720K). There were 100's and 100's of Coleco 5 1/4" 160K drives converted
back in the day by OBS, E&T, ADAM's House, ADAMLink, etc. and I haven't seen
one of these show-up anywhere... although there are a lot of people here on
the List here that still have their's."

I fear a lot of these are probably residing in land fills someplace...most 
certainly, another question is...where are all the ADAM's that were sold? 
didn't this amount to several hundred thousand? And yet seemingly there are 
only a small handful of ADAM owners left...what a waste!!!

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