[Coladam] even we are home now

Frances and/or Richard Clee cleechez at tamcotec.com
Sun Jul 24 06:24:53 CEST 2011

As those who enjoyed the longest Adamcon, we didn't start home until 
10.30 a.m. today. By 5.45 p.m. we were sitting in our driveway in 
Toronto, having taken it easy (or as easy as one can on 401) all the 
way. Found pinning the cruise control on 115 kmh (71 mph) left us 
passing about the same number that passed us while avoiding the boy 
racers and their phenomenal avoidances.

Our extra time was spent visiting Meijer Gardens, doing assorted 
shopping, seeing a special exhibition of the works of John James Audubon 
at the art museum, and taking the Slopsemas out to dinner one night, 
followed by a beer appreciation session at their home.

Good note: we got to our inspection lane at Customs with only one car 
ahead of us, and he was quickly cleared. Sour note: we then went to the 
local Timmies, which was such a derelict we wished we'd had lunch when 
we gassed up in Michigan instead.

Anyway, it was great. On to Quebec City in 2012!

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