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Welcome to the list, Tom! I confess I haven't heard of the TV show you mention. Bally sounds interesting... do you work on embedded systems or desktop based programming? Cool to see you're in Las Vegas. One of my wife's best friends lives there too.


On Sep 21, 2011, at 11:24 AM, tscott at magiqueproductions.com wrote:

> I'm here. But since I joined this list I never properly introduced myself,
> so I guess this is as good as time as any.
> My name is Tommy Scott. I go by Tommy or Tom so either is fine. I grew up
> in Mt. Clemens, Michigan. My first video game system was an Atari 2600,
> which our family got sometime around '81. In the summer of '82 I got my
> first home computer, the Commodore 64. I learned to program on the TRS-80
> in high school the semester before I got my C64.
> Sometime after the Atari 2600 I got the Colecovision, which is still one
> of my favorite systems of all time. When I heard about the Adam computer,
> I knew instantly that I wanted it when it hit the store shelves. I got my
> Adam very early after its release. Mine had a printer problem and had to
> be replaced, but the 2nd unit turned out fine. I had it until about 1987
> when I sold it to someone after getting the Nintendo Entertainment System.
> I always sort of regretted selling my Adam and all Colecovision related
> stuff so I purchased an Adam about 5 years ago on EBay, but it didn't have
> a power supply or controllers. It sat in my garage in a box unopened until
> just this past Summer when I found someone to make me a converted PC power
> supply. I got the power supply, 3 controllers (which don't work well
> unfortunately), as well as Buck Rogers Super Game, Venture, BASIC, some
> blank tapes, and CP/M and Assembler development system.
> I'm planning to make some simple BASIC games to start with and then
> eventually move to assembler. I don't have a lot of time to tinker with
> the Adam, but I enjoy it when I do.
> I'm a computer programmer by day at Bally Technologies in Las Vegas, NV. I
> do freelance writing for the Living Forgotten Realms D&D Campaign and I
> write and produce independent films. I've written for the Starship
> Farragut Animated show and I have several 3D animated shows in production.
> I'm married to my beautiful wife, Michelle, and have 2 beautiful daughters
> in high school. I've been in the Las Vegas area now for about 13 years.
> Here are computer and game systems that I currently own:
> Coleco Adam Computer
> Commodore 64
> Atari 7800
> Super NES
> Atari Jaguar with CDROM
> Genesis with 32-Bit Adapter
> Playstation 1
> Nintendo 64
> Playstation 3
> XBox 360
> Wii
> Nintendo Game Cube
> That's about it.
> Take care,
> Tommy
>> Anybody out there? Been real quiet lately.
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