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Unfortunately I don't have 5.25" drives for either. I see and ADAM 5.25"
for sale on eBay right now, but $199 is just too much for my budget.


> There is a program that will let you transfer files PC to ADAM or ADAM to
> PC, but you need 5.25" disk drives on both ends of the process.
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>> Aside from an ADAM Link Modem, what other methods have people used to
>> transfer data from an ADAM to a PC (and vice versa)? I'm not a hardware
>> guy so I'm not really sure what methods might be used except maybe the
>> joystick port since I saw someone do that with the Atari Jaguar.
>> However,
>> I wouldn't know how to build a cable to do that anyway. So, I was hoping
>> maybe there were some solutions out there and parts available to
>> purchase
>> from someone.
>> Ultimately, I want to be able to transfer my programs written on the
>> to a PC so they can be run on an emulator. Or maybe even transfer files
>> written on the PC to the ADAM.
>> Tommy
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