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It'd be really nice to hear back from Walter Banks as he is said to have a 
nice treasure trove of ADAM paraphenalia including a number of prototype 
items including, if I recall correctly, the original ADAM proto system with 
wafer drives.

I was fortunate enough to come in contact with an ex-Coleco employee back in 
July (thanks to Joe Blenkle) and this yielded some new items that I had 
never seen or had before... ColecoVision version of A.E., Go/No/Go test 
cartridge by Nuvatec for the CV, ADAM Tape/Disk Verification cartridges, 
Video Hustler cartridge, ADAM Final Test cart and CV Final Test cart. I 
posted all about this on the ColecoVision & ADAM Forum on " www.atariage.com 
". Some of these we had back in the day as rom dumps, but only a few lucky 
ones actually had the carts.

So there is still stuff to be had, it's just a matter of asking and when not 
responded to, asking again, and again... a nice offer of money seems to do 
the trick as well!  ;- )


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> On Fri, September 23, 2011 10:43 am, Dale Wick wrote:
>> so I'm not sure how the link got messed up in your post.
>     I was copying the filenames from a directory listing and pasting
> it into the message text editor, and the cursor grabbed a bit of the
> creation date.  I fixed it in a followup post :-)
>     BTW, Walter Banks (author of ADAMnet, see comments in the Master 6801
> listing) contacted me a year ago to ask if I wanted the original HP64000
> development tapes.  He was cleaning up stuff while relocating his company
> and found them.  I said sure, though good luck finding a working HP64000
> to read them on.  He said he would send them if he could get an okay from
> Coleco's heirs/assigns that they wouldn't object due to IP issues.  I 
> never
> heard back... maybe I should give him a ping.  Presumably the tapes would
> yield the stuff that the printouts Chris Braymen had were made from, plus
> any other ADAMnet devices.
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