[Coladam] SmartWriter roms

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As was mentioned, Jim Walters released a number of SmartWriter patch 
programs on DDP/Disk & Cart. The best was SmartWRITER Elite and if memory 
serves me right, there is an option to replace Data Drive #2 with Disk Drive 
#2 for loading and saving functions.

When I sent him the SmartWRITER prototype revisions (R81 and two different 
R84s) that Doug Rosenvinge had acquired, he was very excited to tackle the 
project of merging all their improvements and fixes with what he had done 
over the years to great a "SUPER" SmartWRITER. Unfortunately this was in 
1993 and he was less and less motivated due to sales slowing to a crawl and 
then we (NIAD) closed up shop in early 1994... so I never followed up with 
him on this. At least I was able to obtain the rom dumps from him last year.


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>I know that feeling!!! There is never enough time to do everything you want
> to do.
> Well, maybe someday!!!
> It would be interesting to have the 2nd disk drive available in
> SmartWriter -- even if only emulated -- unless someone burned it to a chip
> for replacement in a real ADAM.
> Joe B.
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>> On Thu, September 22, 2011 8:11 pm, SacNews wrote:
>>> As Mark mentioned, I guess it was Rich Drushel who patched it for 2nd
>>> disk
>>> drive access. It's the R97 prototype found here:
>>> http://www.theadamresource.com/software/index.htm#cset
>>> At least now I know I wasn't imagining the whole thing.
>>     This is a broken prototype (from memory), because I didn't
>> completely patch it correctly or something.  After a 10+ year layoff,
>> I tried to get up to speed on the disassembly to fix it, which led me
>> to working again with Z80DIS22 (under CP/M emulation), but then Z80DIS22
>> kept running out of symbol table space, leading me to look at the Turbo
>> Pascal source of Z80DIS22, which has many hard-coded assumptions about a
>> 64K address space that I discovered when trying to get it to even compile
>> under Turbo Pascal 5.0, after many edits while trying to teach myself
>> Pascal.  That was my August 2010.  Then the new school year at CWRU
>> hit, and I ran out of time.
>>     Regretfully,
>>     *Dr. D.*
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