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Well there are several references to help you out.  I've seen a commented disassembly of SmartBASIC done by Rich Drushel.  I'm not sure if he published it on his website though.

Another great resource is Hacker's Guide to the Adam Volume 2 by Ben Hinkle.  You see used copies now and then, but I'm not sure that there are new copies anywhere to be had.  It includes addresses and sometimes parameters to most of the major sections of SmartBASIC.


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In Guy Cousineau's article on calling ML from SmartBASIC, he talks about
accessing some SmartBASIC routines from ML, such as:

If you intend to use complex machine language routines, you may
occasionally want to print something to the screen. Here you can make use
of 2 routines which already exist in SMARTBASIC:

PRINT CHARACTER IN A resides at 11994. Thus if you want to print a
question mark, you simply do:

CALL 11994

If you want to print a message, you can use the length_encoded routine at

CALL 12110

DB14;length of message
DB13;a carriage return
DB'Guy Cousineau'

OK, this is very cool. So I was wondering if there are more SmartBASIC
routines accessible through ML? Specifically, what about the routines for
blitting shapes in hires mode along with rotating and scaling them? I
would love to write a game using vector-like graphics. Having access to
those routines in ML would speed things up tremendously without the need
to write a bunch of hi-res graphics code to accomplish the same task.

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