[Coladam] Installing Second Digital Data Drive

Jim Notini jnoti2 at comcast.net
Sun Oct 23 00:59:18 CEST 2011

As you stated, you should have checked the Data Drive that came with the 
system you just purchased in that system first before pulling it and 
installing into your main system... that way you would have "some" idea as 
to it's condition. Although you state the system was listed as "for parts", 
so there could be any number of issues with it OR it could be working 
perfectly and the seller didn't know how or didn't want to spend the time 
testing it properly.

As far as Tim's (DJPUBBA on AtariAge or ArcadeCollecting.com) custom ADAM 
Power Supply, it does provide ample power for two Data Drives as well as 
other interface cards being installed in the system at once... so I doubt 
that is the problem.

As far as the proper installation of 2 Data Drives at once:

Drive 1: 9-pin connector to pin set labeled "1A", 8-pin connector to pin set 
labeled "1B"

Drive 2: 9-pin connector to pin set labeled "2A", 8-pin connector to pin set 
labeled "2B"

Make sure they are facing the right way also, with the little seam on the 
plug connector facing toward the rear of the system and the 9 or 8 cut-outs 
in the connector facing towards the front of the system. The motherboard 
connector has a catch that locks onto the seam to hold the connector in 
place better.

I would guess that this newly acquired Data Drive is indeed bad, but you 
will have to swap them in and out to see what the results are.


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>I bought another Adam off eBay for parts and tried installing the
> digital data drive as a second drive in my Adam. Now it won't power up.
> My first question is, is there some reason why the drive in the A slot
> won't/can't work in the B slot? If I disconnect the drive then the Adam
> powers up again. I'm also checking with Tim at ArcadeCollecting to see
> if this is a power supply issue. I suppose the drive could be bad as
> well, which I'll eventually check by putting it as the one and only
> drive. I wish I had tried to power it up when it was in the original
> case now, but that's too late.
> Tommy
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