[Coladam] Floppy Drive Controller Chip

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Wed Nov 16 04:22:35 CET 2011

OK, now I am confused.  You say you have narrowed it down to the controller 
chip. How did you deduce that, if I can ask?  Normally, I would come up with 
the idea that the write protect sensors on the left of the drive are not 
working.  I do actually have some of the 6801 chips still stuck into 
controller boards, I am sure. And YES, there were other eprom chips that 
could be inserted in place of the 160k ones to make a 320k or a 720k drive; 
but they also required some other adaptations to the drive mechanism such as 
disk in sensor.  Where to get one of those eproms is a good question.  I do 
have some directions somewhere......

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> I'm looking for a replacement drive controller chip. Drive reads but
> doesn't write and I've traced it back to the 6801 controller chip in the
> drive. Anyone have one of these anywhere?
> Were there not upgrade chips available that allowed these drives to be
> upgraded to a 3.5" floppy drives at one time?
> -Matt
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