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You can't...that's the one thing I wish Steve would have fixed on it. The 
keys that are used to drop into the menu where you do a disk swap in ADAMem 
performs another function in DOSBox, which Virtual ADAM runs under. I played 
around and finally was able to switch this key, but Virtual ADAM is 
hard-wired to make a temporary disk file of whichever disk you use under a 
particular name, so it won't let you swap disks or DDPs because it still 
looks for the preset name of the disk/DDP file.

Disk/DDP swaps can only be done in ADAMem by doing a Control-F9.

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Can anyone tell me how to do a media swap on the fly under Virtual ADAM 

Looking to load Powerpaint from drive1 and once loaded to replace it with a 
working media. Since Powerpaint only recognizes two floppy drives, and I 
already have another working disk in the second drive, I need to change 
disks in drive one without shutting down the emulator.

Also…..  is there a way of preserving the contents of the RAM drive for 
subsequent restarts?


Ron Mitchell

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