[Coladam] Yet another way to copy Adam disks

Jim Notini jnoti2 at comcast.net
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And it supports the Kaypro 2 and Kaypro 4 CP/M format, which if I recall 
correct are very similar disk formats and possibly what we used to set our 
MS-DOS porgrams to in order to copy/read/convert ADAM disks on a PC. Memory 
is a little foggy on this, can anyone verify.

Think someone else posted about this product a number of months ago.


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A couple of weeks ago, while researching external USB floppy drives for my 
AdamNET device project, I came across an interesting USB adaptor card for 
5.25. You supply the drive mechanism and they give you an adaptor card that 
can connect to it. It is read only, but with it you can make disk images of 
a wide variety of formats. I believe that it should be able to read Adam 
disks too, although I haven't tried it.

Anyway, perhaps you'd like to check it out, and report back here how well it 
worked. The online reviews that I looked at made it seem potentially useful:


and it is only $55.25 for the board. So that's not that bad.

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