[Coladam] Adam computer available

Michael Wells michaelwells1956 at mac.com
Sat Jan 7 02:36:22 CET 2012

`I have a complete Coleco Adam computer system that I bought new in 1984.  It has been stored by me in its original box, with all original packing material, warranty, paperwork, instruction books, etc., since 1990.  I recently unpacked it, set it up, and it runs fine.  No discoloration, nothing broken.  I have lots of software and several books.  I ran Buck Rogers, Smart Filer, Recipe Filer,  and Smart Basic to try it out.  All worked fine.  I have a 5 ¼ disk drive that works fine, and the software on disk for it (and a backup disk).  Even has the AdamLink modem installed.  I have 4 blank unused Adam tapes and several Coleco cartridge games.  Also 5 replacement ribbons for the printer, several different daisy wheels for different fonts, and even little bottles of Adam cleaning fluid.  Everything is in really nice shape and I took a lot of photos of it running.  I even have a 1990 vintage color portable TV to connect it to if anyone wanted that as well.  The Adam is now all packed up again and ready to go to someone who will appreciate it for what it is.  I didn't want to do the eBay route for two reasons.  First, because I am hoping someone in New England would want it, and be able to avoid what I presume will be significant shipping costs (although I am not opposed to shipping it).  Second, it was my very first computer and I would really like someone who knows and appreciates the Adam to get it - don't want to see it turned into a planter or something.  I'll send pictures to anyone asking. So, if anyone is interested, I am asking $200 OBO for everything.  Thanks for reading.

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