[Coladam] About the Adam auto dialer...

Eduardo Mello eduardo at opcodegames.com
Wed Jan 25 03:52:10 CET 2012


I have been toying with the idea of a ColecoVision expansion module
for quite a while. Actually it has been for 7 years now. I went
through a hundred different designs, but since this is the
ColecoVision 30th anniversary, I decided it is time to stop
experimenting and finally have the thing out. So the design is now
locked down I will be moving to beta testing soon.
BTW, a couple of years ago I got permission from Coleco Holdings to
release the module as an official Coleco product.

A major challenge with this project was related to casing, but last
year NIAD sent me an Adam Auto dialer and suggest me to use that as
the tempalte for my module's case. I thought it was the perfect
solution as it was compact, probably affordable to copy and
manufacture. Unfortunately in the process of opening the thing I broke
a small piece. For some reason I had this recollection that the dialer
didn't have screws, when in fact the screws were under the logo
So now I am looking for a second unit so that I can finally clone it.
And that is reason I am posting here, if someone has an unit and can
sell me, that would help me a lot and would be greatly appreciated.It
doesn't need to be working, but preferably it should be in good
cosmetic condition, as it will be scanned and copied.
I am also looking for the Auto dialer manual, or at least a good scan
of it. That will be used to help me with the ColecoVision module
documentation, since I want to keep with the Coleco documentation look
and feel and if possible reuse some of manual diagrams, like how to
plug the module to the ColecoVision/Adam.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. Please contact me if you can help me.

Thanks a lot!


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