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Mon Jan 30 05:14:25 CET 2012

After scrutinizing my client list and being unpleasantly astonished,  
and afer a look at Russell's vacation calendar, it appears that the  
only weekend in July that will work for us is the weekend of July 19 -  

August is right out.  The weekend after Labour Day (September 6 - 9)  
might also work.  And of course, none of this is written in stone; one  
change to my client list and it could all go up in smoke.  But there  
you have it.

Regards, Pam and Russell

Quoting Frances and/or Richard Clee <cleechez at tamcotec.com>:

> It seems that the new year has forced a certain amount of recalibration
> on Quebec hoteliers. Hotels in the City remain expensive and given
> labour costs in the province will always be.
> But it now appears that a number of hotels are backing off their
> seasonal premiums, at least in the price classes most likely to be hurt
> in the current economic conditions. Specifically, there is no advantage
> to us in avoiding the months of July and August. There are
> availabilities in that time period we can afford.
> We would therefore ask all those who have confirmed attendance plans
> with Daniel for previous suggested dates to advise if they can work with
> a change to a July or August weekend. (Copies to Bob Slopsema and I
> would help).
> For those for whom previously announced time periods were not workable,
> please advise any July/August weekends on which you could and would come.
> One thing clear from our research is that some hotels are still heavily
> booked for the whole season, and some others are filling fast. Many are
> requiring significant deposits and not all are refundable. There are
> firm decisions must be made and must be made soon.
> So if you'd like to come to an Adamcon, but there is only a limited time
> window available to you, let us know and maybe we can find away even if
> it means a summer month booking.
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