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Unfortunately, an increase of $125.00 per person puts this convention  
out of our reach.


Quoting Frances and/or Richard Clee <cleechez at tamcotec.com>:

> We have undertaken further research regarding Adamcon 24 and find we
> need a great deal more information. Please reply to the list with your
> response.
> So far the time most suitable for most people is July 19-23. It is not
> good for some and completely out for others, but based on what we have
> been told so far this is the most workable for the majority. Please
> report if you can live with these dates or if a close change would work,
> what it is.
> Inflation and a high tax rate (18%) make this a high cost venue. It
> looks like a very nice event can be managed but we will need a rate of
> $500 per person to make it so. Can you cope with this?
> Many of the hotels are selling our remarkably quickly, to the point
> where we need to be able to commit within the next week or so. If you
> intend to come, tell us, tell us now, and confirm you can live with the
> dates and price offered. Br sure your plans are firm - some reservations
> require a very hefty non-refundable deposit.
> What type of room do you need, and is there any substitute you can
> accept (eg., King or twin beds, etc.) Where demand is high we may not be
> able to get the first choice, so it is imperative we know what you can
> live with.
> If you cannot commit right now, how soon can you give us a definite
> answer? Some places will allow early cancellations without penalty.
> Would you prefer to be up on the plateau near the airport, or down by
> the river? With luck it will be strawberry season on l'Ile d"Orleans
> that week.
> Please note that if you cannot commit now but should be able to do so
> soon, let us know your situation. But if there is no advance warning, it
> looks as if a last-minute decision will encounter a solid no-vacancy
> rate all around the city.
> But above all - we need to know NOW. - rich
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