[Coladam] Custom Adam I/O card from the 1980s

Rob Bairos rbairos at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 18:46:18 CET 2012

Hi Everyone.
First time posting, but Ive been following this newsletter for a year
or so, every since I was informed of it.

I did some cleaning in my parents basement, and came across and old
hardware project I built in the 1980s.
Ive attached two pictures.
It looks like a horrible rat's nest, but  it was a card that allowed
me to write 7 bits of output, and 1 bit of input.
I was pretty thrilled that it worked.
I used it to control a small serial analog/digital converter chip from
Radio Shack.
Included are a couple pics.
Thought some of you may find it interesting.


PS. A couple years back I found some old Betamax tapes of recordings I
did on my Adam, including some Basic programs and connecting to a bbs.
You can view them on my youtube channel:

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