[Coladam] ADAM Assembly Programming

Ron Mitchell rm2892 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 18 01:40:54 CET 2012

Oh….. forgot to mention….

There is an assembler for ADAM's native operating system -EOS - which provides a complete environment for assembly language development. It's called MACADAM. Not sure if it's public domain, or where it's available, but it comes fully documented. I think it assumes that you already know Z80 assembly language. There is a doc file but I'm not sure how far it goes. Perhaps Rich Clee can tell us whether it's available anywhere for sale.


On 2012-02-17, at 11:17 AM, Kevin Powers wrote:

> How does one go about doing assembly programming (or Pascal or C or
> otherwise higher-end-than-BASIC/LOGO) programming on the ADAM?  Is it
> possible to access the more high-end graphics/sound functions of the
> ADAM (such as those used by cartridges or Super Game Packs) via BASIC
> or an assembler?
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