[Coladam] Software Wanted.

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2010: The Text Adventure was never released on 5 1/4" Disk by Coleco, only 
the Digital Data Pack version was. However, it was hacked/modded to run from 
5 1/4" Disk by Walters Software Co. and everyone should have this available.

Your best bet would be to wait for a response from either Bob Slopsema (ANN) 
or Rich Clee (ADAM Services).

Also, www.atari2600.com usually has complete in the original box with 
instructions Data Pack versions in their ColecoVision section under ADAM 
Software for purchase at a very reasonable price. Then you just need someone 
to supply you with the disk version/


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> Hello . Looking for the original DISK release of the 2010 text game
> for the Coleco Adam.  Please let me know. Thanks.
> Kevin Laskowski, Gloucester Massachusetts.
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