[Coladam] ADAM Assembly Programming

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There's not much substanance in most of the commercially published books that were written about the ADAM Computer especially since most were written and released shortly after the ADAM was released and didn't add a whole lot of useful information that wasn't already available in the Coleco owner's manuals. Again, your best bet for useful programming info. are all the Nibbles & Bits newsletters as well as the entire collection of NIAD newsletters for a wider range of ADAM info. that are available in PDF format on Joe Blenkle's website.

BTW, another REALLY good newsletter was Alan Neeley's ADAM-Link of Utah newsletter, but unfortunately these haven't been made available in PDF format by anyone and I can't help here as my collection of them is long gone.

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  In the same vein, can anybody speak to the quality or usefulness of these two titles?

  "Using and Programming the ADAM" by Timothy Orr Knight
  "Word Processing With Your ADAM" by Barbara Spear

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