[Coladam] ADAM Assembly Programming

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I will gladly host any PDF newsletters on my website...to see what's already 
there go to:


Of course, HTML versions of Expandable Computer News can be found from the 
main page.

I had started to post instruction manuals here: 

But got sidetracked and haven't done anything for quite awhile...hope to get 
back at it soon...

Joe B.

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>A project such as this to archive and make available these books as well as
> all the other great products released by the ADAM Community would be a 
> very
> welcome addition for all the new retro computerists. Joe B. and myself 
> spent
> a lot of time in 2010 working on such a venture cleaning up and organizing
> our collections, but there is still a lot missing... especially 
> instruction
> manuals.
> If you follow the ColecoVision and ADAM auctions on eBay, you will see 
> that
> there is always a lot of action concerning the CV, but also of late there
> has been a considerable amount of ADAM gear being made available... so 
> there
> are a lot of ADAMs changing hands which means new ADAMites who could 
> benefit
> tremendously from everything that we accomplished back in the 80's and 
> 90's.
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> We have a fancy scanner/copier/color laser printer at work. I might have 
> to
> give that a try soon. I've got one of the two volumes can't recall which 
> off
> the top of my head.
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> On Feb 22, 2012, at 5:33 PM, "Jim Notini" <jnoti2 at comcast.net> wrote:
>> Not that I know off... unfortunately. Maybe one day someone could
>> undertake this endeavor.
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>>  These aren't available in PDF or other digital formats ANYWHERE???
>>  On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 5:56 PM, Jim Notini <jnoti2 at comcast.net> wrote:
>>    Hacker's Guide to ADAM Vol. I & II are up for auction on eBay. Here 
>> are
>> the links:
>> http://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Hackers-Guide-to-Adam-Adam-Computer-/140707469638?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20c2d19946
>> http://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Hackers-Guide-to-Adam-Volume-Two-Adam-Computer-/140707469114?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item20c2d1973a
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>>      The EOS programmer's Manual by Guy Cousineau is available here:
>>      http://adamcon.org/eosprogman.html
>>      The Adam Technical Reference Manual (by Coleco) is here:
>>      http://drushel.cwru.edu/atm/atm.html
>>      My page on how to program in assembly for Adam is here:
>>      http://adamcon.org/~dmwick/mayan/
>>      with a handy cheat sheet on OS7 functions and a working sample
>> project.
>>      Not sure where you'd get the Hacker's Guide to the Adam volume I by
>> Peter Hinkle but it is a really compact overview of everything you'd need
>> to know for advanced features.  Generally evereything is also in the ATM
>> or EOS Programmer's Manual too.
>>      http://z80.info is a great resource for learning assembly language
>> for the Adam.
>>      Daniel's SDK has lots of ColecoVision cartridge source code.  So it
>> is handy too.
>>      There is also a ColecoVision programmer's mailing list on Yahoo
>> Groups.  A great place to ask questions if they aren't being answered 
>> here
>> or on AtariAge.
>>      For native work, I really like Aztec C mentioned earlier or Turbo
>> Pascal for CP/M.  For cross compiling C code you can use SDCC.  It is
>> actively being worked on and works quite well. Daniel's GETPUT library is
>> made to be used with SDCC now too.
>>      Dale
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>>      Sent: Saturday, February 18, 2012 6:55:08 PM
>>      Subject: Re: [Coladam] ADAM Assembly Programming
>>      First off, I want to apologize to all the ADAMcon members for not
>> being on
>>      the Wednesday night chat in quite some time... been extremely busy
>> with the
>>      family and working a ton of overtime at work!
>>      Kevin... as far as the programming manuals (that were previously
>> discussed)
>>      by Guy Cousineau, Peter/Ben Hinkle and Mel Ostler (wrote about 5
>> outstanding
>>      books on programming that were geared towards the ADAM)... your best
>> bet
>>      would be either Bob Slopsema or Rich Clee as they were smart enough
>> to hold
>>      onto all this stuff for all these years. There was never anything
>> official
>>      released by Coleco as far as development tools/manuals per say.
>>      If you want to send me an email to jnoti2 at comast.net, I will send 
>> you
>> some
>>      emulator disk images of programs that should be of help like 
>> MacADAM.
>> You
>>      will however have to transfer these back to an ADAM disk in order to
>> use on
>>      a real ADAM Computer which means you need a PC with the conversion
>> programs
>>      and of course an ADAM Disk Drive.
>>      A great programming series appeared in the Nibbles & Bits Newsletter
>> by
>>      Soloman Swift. You can find these newsletters on Joe Blenkle's ADAM
>> Computer
>>      website in the Newsletters section. In fact, this newsletter carried
>> a lot
>>      of great programming articles and should prove to be invaluable: You
>> will
>>      have to do some leg work here reading thru each issue:
>>      http://www.sacnews.net/adamcomputer/index.html
>>      Hopefully Steve Pitman will chide in as well since he would be the
>> most
>>      knowledgeable on these matters having started out as a SmartBASIC
>> programmer
>>      (like me) and then advanced (unlike me) to later developing his own
>> machine
>>      language developmental tools on the ADAM for his later games.
>>      Jim/NIAD
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>>      Subject: Re: [Coladam] ADAM Assembly Programming
>>      Thank you!  What are the best places to get those documents?
>>      On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 6:39 PM, Ron Mitchell <rm2892 at gmail.com>
>> wrote:
>>> Hi Kevin.
>>> The short answer to your question is "yes you can".
>>> But then you ask "How does one go about it...... ?"
>>> The information is available. It's simply a case of finding it all and
>>> bringing your knowledge of assembly language programming or C 
>>> programming
>>> or
>>> Pascal , or whatever, to the table. You then need to know the operating
>>> system setup to allow your allow your programs to make best use of the
>>> operating system functions that Coleco makes available.
>>> There are more programming tools available on the CP/M side of the house
>>> than there are under ADAM's native operating system (EOS). There is, for
>>> example, Hi-TECH C which is now in the public domain, and available from
>>> www.z80.eu/c-compiler.html
>>> The same site also has the Aztec-C package verson 1.06.
>>> Bringing these packages into the ADAM CP/M environment is a bit tricky
>>> but
>>> it can be done. I have the Aztec C package on a TDOS disk if you're
>>> interested.
>>> The same applies to Pascal, Forth, or whatever other high level language
>>> you'd care to name. If there's a CP/M 80 version available, it can be
>>> imported into the ADAM environment. It's then a case of knowing what to
>>> do
>>> with it.
>>> There are documents out there to help:
>>> The Hacker's Guide to ADAM (volumes 1 and 2) by Peter and Ben Hinkle.
>>> This
>>> is for SmartBASIC users, but it gives a good picture of how the basic
>>> interpreter relates to the operating system, and provides some 
>>> invaluable
>>> information about the EOS jump table and how to call the OS functions.
>>> The EOS Programmer's Manual by Guy Cousineau: I'm not sure anybody has
>>> scanned this book. I have a printed copy (which I intend to keep).
>>> However
>>> you might find others on this list who have a spare copy.
>>> The SmartBASIC Disassembly Listing by Dr. Richard F. Drushel. I know 
>>> he's
>>> got it up on the net here. Just can't find it at the moment. Perhaps
>>> he'll
>>> see this and set us both straight.
>>> Finally there's a Colecovision development kit available from Daniel
>>> Bienvenu at:
>>> ccjvq.com/newcoleco/
>>> It's a package of tools and examples called 'NewColeco's Devkit (for
>>> Windows)'. Daniel's website is still under construction at the moment,
>>> but
>>> the DevKit is there.
>>> In summary, you need to be completely familiar with how ADAM does
>>> business.
>>> It's essentially a case of loading your program into the transient
>>> program
>>> area (usually from 0100 HEX) upward for about 50k. That much is 
>>> available
>>> to
>>> the user. The rest is occupied by page 0 and by the area of upper memory
>>> where the EOS lives. If you know the functions provided by EOS, you can
>>> save
>>> yourself a lot of work.
>>> All of this comes from the "take my advice, I'm not using it" 
>>> department.
>>> I'm roughly familiar with what needs to be done. I've yet to do it. Have
>>> managed to learn enough C to be dangerous. The rest of all this in on my
>>> to
>>> do list and has been there since 1986 - when I first asked the question
>>> that
>>> you're asking now.
>>> Cheers
>>> Ron Mitchell
>>> on Canada's Wet Coast
>>> On 17-Feb-12, at 11:17 AM, Kevin Powers wrote:
>>>> How does one go about doing assembly programming (or Pascal or C or
>>>> otherwise higher-end-than-BASIC/LOGO) programming on the ADAM? Is it
>>>> possible to access the more high-end graphics/sound functions of the
>>>> ADAM (such as those used by cartridges or Super Game Packs) via BASIC
>>>> or an assembler?
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