[Coladam] Importing BASIC program listings into SmartBASIC

Ron Mitchell rm2892 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 18:48:35 CET 2012

Try the following site Kevin. It seems to have the stuff there for download that you are looking for.


There was a program by David White, "The ADAM Connection". Might have it around here somewhere - I'll check.

Then there is Chris Braymen's ADAMDOS. I think Bob Slopsema has it on his website:


Hope all this helps.

Ron Mitchell

On 2012-02-23, at 8:58 AM, Kevin Powers wrote:

> I have a bunch of BASIC programs that I have typed up into text files.
> I would like to be able to somehow get them into SmartBASIC without
> manually retyping them all.  Is there a way, using ADAMEm, to either
> import a text file into a 160K ADAM disk/tape image and then EXEC that
> text file, or to just call up a SmartBASIC prompt, type NEW, and then
> somehow "paste" the text of the listing in as though it was being
> keyed in manually?
> The "pasting the listing as though it was being keyed in manually"
> method works with some Apple II emulators.  Given that most of the
> BASIC program listing that I have typed up are Applesoft BASIC, I
> figure most of them (save for those with complex PEEK, POKE, & CALL
> routines) should work fine in SmartBASIC.  Just need a method for
> getting them into SmartBASIC.
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