[Coladam] HiTech C

Ron Mitchell rm2892 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 19:22:02 CET 2012

For those who might be interested:

I've ported the HiTech C packaged into the ADAM TDOS world. If Bob or Joe want to put it up on their sites under ADAM downloads, let me know. Don't expect there's going to be a whole lot of demand for it, but for those C wannabe's like me, it might be a good place to start.

It does work. I tried the usual "Hello World" program from scratch, and it seemed to digest that ok and I actually got a .com file from it. Somewhere in the compilation process it did produce a couple of screenfuls of 'bfpltzpc$@", and I thought ok the damn thing has crashed. But it cleared itself up at the end, and lo….. there's my hello.com file, which actually ran as intended.

wonders will never cease. Maybe I'll learn some C yet.

One thing I will say. The compilation process is slow. Guess I should run the thing in verbose mode to find out what is actually going on. 

basically, you type, "c hello.c" and then you wait.

 I have another CP/M setup on here with Z-System on an Altair emulator, and also a MYZ80 setup on DOSBOX. The same exercise runs much much quicker over on those two. Oh well.

All of this keeps me from getting 'p'd off' with OS X Lion. And that's a good thing.



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