[Coladam] ADAM Assembly Programming

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I seem to recall having the 22Disk that has multiple formats that show up in 
the menu...I have no idea where I got it from though, whether it is 
registered or unregistered...and I admit, I don't recall that I really have 
ever used it for anything...as a rule, I rarely touch CP/M...I just don't 
understand it...probably having an 80-column screen would have helped...

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I'm with you on this one Joe, but I think it's important to do our "due 
diligence" in each case where we think it appropriate.


Last night I was looking for a registered copy of 22DISK, software which is 
capable of reading and writing many different formats of CP/M disks - 
including ADAM's.

The unregistered version is available for download all over the place. But 
the list of CP/M disk definitions provided with the package contains only 
one Coleco ADAM format, the original 360K disks. I once had a registered 
copy of 22DISK. Lord knows where it is now, but I know for sure it had 
several more ADAM CP/M formats, including the 1.44 Meg high density format. 
There were, as I recall at least 4 more ADAM CP/M formats. So I went looking 
int the DISKS.DEF file in my package, and sure enough they are there. But 
with the unregistered version of 22DISK, only one choice shows up,  COL1.

Reading a little further, I discovered an interesting article about all 
this. Seems like 22DISK, or at least the registered version, is NOT public 
domain. Check out the link …. it's a rather interesting story.


And we are likely to run across more like it.

However, as they say, sometimes it's better to ask for forgiveness than to 
ask for permission.


On 2012-02-23, at 8:22 AM, SacNews - Joe Blenkle wrote:

> I'm sorry, but this is exactly why a lot of ADAM information will be lost 
> to
> the ages...
> technically you're right...but realistically??? After almost 30 years, the
> Hinkle's probably don't even have copies of these items themselves...does
> anyone even know where they are? Are they even still alive? Do they even
> still have a remote interest in the ADAM?
> Maybe I should remove all the newsletters from my ADAM web page. With the
> exception of the HTML'd Expandable Computer News, of which I got 
> permission
> of Darrell Sage's widow to reprint them (out of respect, not out of fear 
> of
> getting sued...she sent me Xmas cards for years after his death)...I did 
> not
> get permission from the original owners to scan or post any of the
> newsletters there.
> Again...technically you are right...but it reaches a point where it 
> becomes
> just plain silly...
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>> Rich... absolutely it would be vital to get approval from the copyright
>> owners.
>> On Feb 23, 2012, at 7:59 AM, Rich Drushel wrote:
>>>    However, AFAIK both the "Hackers Guide" books are still in copyright,
>>> and it would at least be nice to have the tacit approval of the authors
>>> to
>>> make these works available in PDF format.  Moreover, there are various
>>> errors in the information which I found over the years, which ideally
>>> should
>>> be corrected.
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