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Actually, I would venture a guess that at least 95%, if not more, of the 
ADAM warez (hardware, software, books, manuals, newsletters, etc.) produced 
by 3rd Parties/Homebrewers are not legitimately copyrighted. So the issue is 
actaully one of a moral question rather than legal.

I say stir the pot, make things available in the hopes of stirring up 
interest from the growing number of reto-computerists who are hungering for 
such things. It could end up serving a greater purpose and swell the ranks 
as well as bring in more new blood to the ADAMcons. You'll never know unless 
you try.

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> That's a good point. Just because we don't think there is any fiduciary 
> interest
> remaining in a lot of this old stuff some copyright holders might 
> disagree.
> That said, probably in the case of ADAM stuff (particularly documentation)
> that's probably not the case, but then there are probably legit bought and 
> paid
> for copies of some of this stuff in the hands of what few remaining ADAM 
> product
> distributors still exist.
> Personally I'd prefer if all of the copyrighted stuff (and PD) stuff was 
> freely
> available for anyone to download. Before CompuServe shut down their ADAM 
> BB down
> for good I snagged all of the software in their ADAM archive. To my 
> knowledge I
> don't think those files exist anywhere online for download.
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> I'm with you on this one Joe, but I think it's important to do our "due
> diligence" in each case where we think it appropriate.
> Example:
> Last night I was looking for a registered copy of 22DISK, software which 
> is
> capable of reading and writing many different formats of CP/M disks - 
> including
> ADAM's.
> The unregistered version is available for download all over the place. But 
> the
> list of CP/M disk definitions provided with the package contains only one 
> Coleco
> ADAM format, the original 360K disks. I once had a registered copy of 
> 22DISK.
> Lord knows where it is now, but I know for sure it had several more ADAM 
> CP/M
> formats, including the 1.44 Meg high density format. There were, as I 
> recall at
> least 4 more ADAM CP/M formats. So I went looking int the DISKS.DEF file 
> in my
> package, and sure enough they are there. But with the unregistered version 
> of
> 22DISK, only one choice shows up,  COL1.
> Reading a little further, I discovered an interesting article about all 
> this.
> Seems like 22DISK, or at least the registered version, is NOT public 
> domain.
> Check out the link …. it's a rather interesting story.
> http://www.retrotechnology.com/herbs_stuff/sydex.html
> And we are likely to run across more like it.
> However, as they say, sometimes it's better to ask for forgiveness than to 
> ask
> for permission.
> Ron
> On 2012-02-23, at 8:22 AM, SacNews - Joe Blenkle wrote:
>> I'm sorry, but this is exactly why a lot of ADAM information will be lost 
>> to
>> the ages...
>> technically you're right...but realistically??? After almost 30 years, 
>> the
>> Hinkle's probably don't even have copies of these items themselves...does
>> anyone even know where they are? Are they even still alive? Do they even
>> still have a remote interest in the ADAM?
>> Maybe I should remove all the newsletters from my ADAM web page. With the
>> exception of the HTML'd Expandable Computer News, of which I got 
>> permission
>> of Darrell Sage's widow to reprint them (out of respect, not out of fear 
>> of
>> getting sued...she sent me Xmas cards for years after his death)...I did 
>> not
>> get permission from the original owners to scan or post any of the
>> newsletters there.
>> Again...technically you are right...but it reaches a point where it 
>> becomes
>> just plain silly...
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>>> Rich... absolutely it would be vital to get approval from the copyright
>>> owners.
>>> On Feb 23, 2012, at 7:59 AM, Rich Drushel wrote:
>>>>    However, AFAIK both the "Hackers Guide" books are still in 
>>>> copyright,
>>>> and it would at least be nice to have the tacit approval of the authors
>>>> to
>>>> make these works available in PDF format.  Moreover, there are various
>>>> errors in the information which I found over the years, which ideally
>>>> should
>>>> be corrected.
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