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Off the top of my head, I can't say for sure... but there has to be 

Your best option would be to read thru the CP/M Workshops in the NIAD 
Newsletters. Starting around mid-1989, Doug Rosenvinge took over the NIAD 
CP/M Public Domain as well as writing articles for the newsletter and he 
undertook the huge endeavor of listing out the contents of over 60 volumes. 
If you can find something that sounds useful in these listings, I will send 
you the disk image(s) that you require that can be used in an ADAM emulator 
or transferred back to actual ADAM disks.

The NIAD Newsletters are on Joe Blenkle's ADAM Computer website in PDF 

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> I'm thinking about someday writing some assembler apps in cp/m on my Adam,
> but I really, really hate the EDIT program that comes with it. I don't
> think I've ever seen a less intuitive editing program in my life. Even
> with the documentation, I can't seem to get it to do some of the weird
> commands that it requires. Anyway, that made me think that I'd like to
> write a fullscreen editor to replace it. However, I don't want to
> re-invent the wheel. Does anyone know if something exists out there
> already?
> The only thing I dread about this project is having to use EDIT to write
> the new editor. That'll be a pain.
> Tommy
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