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To my knowledge, no Infocom games were officially released for the ADAM 
(although Infocom had planned to). All the titles that are out there were 
converted from other computers that ran similar CP/M systems.

Originally they ran in 80-column which was difficult to use on ADAM. Then 
someone found a screen chop program which if you ran before running the 
Infocom game (or any other CP/M program), it would chop the line off at the 
ADAM's column width and wrap it to the next line making it more readable.

Then it was discovered that all Infocom games actually have a built in 
routine for adjusting the width of what appears on the screen. You had to 
use a CP/M editor and patch the disk (I have the instructions someplace and 
I believe they are in one of the ECN's on my web page)...once saved, 
magically, the Infocom game displays at both the right screen width and 
pauses the text at the proper spot for the length of ADAM's screen.

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> Hey. Do Adam infocom titles like, boxes, disks etc still exist somewhere
> ? or is there a certain version compatable with ADAM C/PM . thks.   Kevin.
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