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Infocom never released ADAM specific versions of their text adventure games. 
What we, and I assume other ADAM mail-order companies, did was purchase 
versions that were made for other computers and then copied the ADAM CP/M 
version of the game onto the disk that was in the package. We, and others, 
even had gold foil "ADAM" labels made to place on the boxes to make them 
look more official.

Infocom did release CP/M versions of these games for other CP/M computers, 
so this made it very easy to convert these games to ADAM CP/M format. Some 
of these conversions even included 80-column versions that could be used 
with the EVE and Orphanware 80 Column units or a Terminal display hooked up 
to the ADAM via a Serial Interface.

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> Hey. Do Adam infocom titles like, boxes, disks etc still exist somewhere
> ? or is there a certain version compatable with ADAM C/PM . thks.   Kevin.
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