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Not too many people have the ORIGINAL Data Pack with the insert as Sydney 
Development released this title on their own sometime in the first half of 
1985 after Coleco annonounced they were dropping support of the ADAM 
Computer in Jan. 1985. I'm not sure if Sydney handled distribution of the 
game by themselves for the Canadian market, but in the U.S. distribution was 
handled by the mail-order company Video Take-Out and there is actually a 
reproduced/scanned image of the Video Take-Out ad in a number of the 
Expandable Computer News newsletters on Joe Blenkle's ADAM Computer 
website... that he painstakingly reproduced in HTML.

BTW, the games are identical to their cartridge format counterparts with the 
exception of the added Hall of Fame.

BBTW, Coleco of Canada did release the ADAM version of B.C. II: Grog's 
Revenge on Data Pack and that one did include some extra animated title 
screens but the game is identical to the cartridge version. I do have this 
original DDP with insert thanks to Rich Clee.

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> Does anyone have the original Best Of B.C datapack and insert? was it
> even made? I WANT IT. Thoughts please.. Kevin
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