[Coladam] Introduction and Coleco Adam Floppy Disk Drive

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Welcome aboard Big John and glad to have. It is funny that you would use the 
name "Big John" as actually there was a gentleman that used that nickname 
back in the glory days of ADAM Users Groups/Mail Orders who was one of the 
most prolific developers of hardware for use with the ADAM after Coleco 
abandoned it. His name was John Lingrel and his company name was Orphanware 
Business Systems, which later became C.L. Digital when he partnered with 
another longtime ADAMite, Ron Collins. As I stated, he developed many 
hardware add-ons including Memory Expander, Parallel Interface, Serial 
Interfaces, 80 Column Video Units, Voice Synthesizers, Clock Cards, etc.

Big John even developed ADAM Disk Drive upgrade kits that converted your 
existing ADAM Disk Drive from 5 1/4" 160K to 5 1/4" 320K or even 3 1/2" 
720K. The only two people who might have any info on these (firmware and 
instruction) would probably be Herman Mason or George Koczwara... hopefully 
they will see this and respond.

Besides a few others on this Mailing List, the only other person that might 
have all this information, up to a max size of 720K, would be Terry Fowler. 
I'm sure he still has the firmware program, but you would have to burn this 
to a Prom yourself. You can contact him at www.ecoleco.com

Good Luck and keep us informed of your progress as we still love hearing 
about new 'warez being developed for our favorite computer even after all 
these years... especially if it is an SD Drive solution.


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> Hello. My name is John a.k.a. Big John because my son is Little John. I am 
> a vintage hardware developer who primarily works with the Tandy Radio 
> Shack TRS-80 Color Computer series. I have recently acquired (at quite an 
> expense unfortunately) much Coleco Adam equipment. I have to say, I love 
> these machines.
> The reason that I have joined this list is that I am wondering if anyone 
> has the EPROM or EPROM image required to convert an Adam Floppy Disk Drive 
> (FDD) to 1.44Megs? Also, are the instructions posted anywhere online. I 
> develop hardware that I need personally and then if others are interested, 
> then I produce a small batch. Let me know if anyone knows where I can 
> obtain the info and eprom required for the drive conversion - Thanks - Big 
> John
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