[Coladam] Disk Drive ROM

Bob gmail rslopsema at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 02:51:32 CET 2012

Don't forget that MPI only supplied the 5 1/4 160k drive mechanism.  
Coleco supplied the controller board
upon which the eprom is mounted.

On 3/18/2012 2:58 PM, Jim Notini wrote:
> Getting back to a comment you made in a previous message about buying four
> disk drives... I figured someone was "getting their ADAM ON" !  ;- )
> As far as this first drive, it definetly sounds like someone opened her up
> to inspect the internals, probably to see if there was something obvious
> that needed repair or just to clean. Hopefully it was just an effort to
> clean the drive and not something more major. As far as the ROM being an
> EPROM, I can't answer this one definitively as to whether MPI Technologies
> would have done this, but it DEFINITELY would be an original to the drive
> since the label is dated 1984. There was not any third party/homebrew
> development going on at this time as far as I know and the first updated
> firmware PROMS didn't come about until 1986 by Eve Electronics, then
> followed in 1987 by Orphanware and then 1988 by E&T Software/M.M.S.G. The
> last one by E&T/MMSG is THE one that you want seeing as Jim Marshall of MMSG
> completely disassembled the original firmware and made a number of
> improvements, corrections as well as added support for Double-Density and
> Quad-Density formats for drive upgrades.
> As far as the rest of your message, way above the scope of my knowledge.
> Hopefully Dale Wick or Rich Drushel can chime in to aid you in your
> endeavor.

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