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The value of the ADAM Computer is a tricky one at best to put an exact 
amount on like Rich D. already stated... it all depends on when and where 
someone acquires the fancy to pick one of these up. I have seen NEW IN BOX 
Stand-Alone ADAM Computers sell for $150 all the way up to $500 on eBay, NEW 
IN BOX Exp. Mod. #3 ADAM Computer sell for $100-$300 on eBay. A big factor 
that plays into selling these computers is the rather large shipping expense 
as most sellers charge anywhere from $40-$75.

Of course, you can find some really good deals on the ADAM on eBay if the 
original box is not included, if parts are missing and if the system is not 
tested and verified. I picked up three systems, 2 printers, power supply, 2 
disk drives, numerous interface cards, tons of software and other extras 
from one eBay seller for roughly $350 including shipping. I also got lucky 
last summer and acquired 6 REALLY LARGE boxes of CV & ADAM gear from a 
former Coleco employee for the cost of shipping ($125) that included 
unreleased protos and very hard to find software complete in the box.

So basically, it all boils down to timing and over the last couple years it 
seems like the period immediately after X-MAS thru the end of January is a 
very good time to sell and make the most money.

I disagree with Rich's assessment that the ADAM is not very sought after by 
retro-computerists as I personally sold/flipped almost 10 systems last year 
on www.atariage.com in their MarketPlace Forum including one to a person in 
Belgium and another to a person in Australia (could have been two but I 
don't have anymore spare systems). You can even search back in their forum 
for all the system packages that I advertised for sale to get a feel for 

One thing that will increase interest in the ADAM is to make as much as 
humanly possible available for the masses (software, newsletters, technical 
docs, manuals, etc., etc.) to be able to look over and try via emulation. I 
know, a lot of people will just collect the stuff and never give a second 
thought to acquiring the real deal, but there will be those that will be 
truly amazed by everything that was made and done for this system over the 
years and will feel compelled to acquire a system... these are the people 
that can pick up the banner and run with it for the years to come.

Don't forget, either, that the ADAM is a ColecoVision Game System as well 
and the ColecoVision Homebrew Scene is THE most active of all the other 
retro game systems. This year alone there will be upwards of 25 new games 
releases, an incredible new Arcade Controller and finally the Super Game 
Module with an arcade perfect Donkey Kong. It is truly amazing what is going 
on and the best place for all the latest news id www.atariage.com in the 
ColecoVision/ADAM Forum.

Indeed, the ADAM is the bastard child of Coleco that was the beginning of 
the end for them in the computer and videogame industry and that, too, is 
something that perks people's interests in the system!


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> On Sun, March 25, 2012 9:56 pm, kevin laskowski wrote:
>> Hi. Heres a question, How valuble is the Coleco Adam? And if so, as to
>> what condition, software, etc, acsessories value,(assuming working
>> disk drives can sell right now, for $200) Pawn value?, private sale?.
>> whatever.
>        I will leave it to the eBayites to place exact dollar values,
> because I have no clue.
>        Disclaimer for what follows:  I love my ADAM and always will;
> it's been quarter century of my life in one way or another.
>        My gut feeling is that the ADAM will never have the value (either
> intrinsic as a collectible or monetary as an investment) that other 8-bits
> of the era have.  It was not a commercial success (it killed Coleco), it
> left no technological descendants (the DINA doesn't count, and 
> ADAMnet-style
> plug-n-play peripherals like USB are parallel evolution), it was not a
> trendy hacking platform (see the Jargon File), it didn't appear positively
> in any pop culture venue that makes it valuable (all we got was one 
> pejorative
> reference in "The Simpsons").
>        Our group of ADAMites is all there is.  Maybe in the far future,
> someone will rediscover the ADAM, and then all the stuff we have done,
> documented, and collected, will be of value -- assuming that estate sales
> and spring cleaning don't chuck it all in the trash.  But right now, the
> ADAM is not the IBM-PC, the Apple IIe or MacPlus, the C-64 or Amiga, the
> Kaypro, the Osborne ("War Games"), the BBC Micro, nor even the TRS-80; and
> the ColecoVision is not the Atari 2600, Intellivision, NES, or SEGA 
> Genesis.
>        YYMV, obviously.
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