[Coladam] Busted ADAM drives?

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There were a lot of different models of Micro Inovation drives produced.  I did an interview with Mark Gordon back in the late 90s and got a rough count of each one.  It appeared in the MTAG newsletter and was  probably in ANN as well.  I'm not sure where I'd look that up but it must be documented somewhere.
It is actually surprising how many different sizes and capacities that he implemented:
- 160k 5 1/4 * for flippy enthuastists
- 320k 5 1/4
- 360k 5 1/4
- 1.2MB 5 1/4
- 360k 3.5
- 720k 3.5
- 1.44MB 3.5
Each of these were made in batches of 50 as I understand it.  But without my references I would be making up the numbers.
And then he made the AdamNET harddisk which I believe was 10 MB, but he wasn't satisfied with the performance and was planning to increase the speed of the AdamNET from 62.5kbps to more like double or quadruple the speed.  Because that didn't work out, all 250 of those were destroyed except 1.  So it is unique.
The other kind of 320k drive that was ground up created was the IHSR drive.  I had one of those because our club purchases a dozen of them as a bulk purchase.
And then there were of course lots of people doing conversions of Adam floppy drives.  I never had an Adam floppy but I know there are plenty out there.  There must be tens of thousands of those that were manufactured compared to the estimated 500,000 Coleco Adams that were made.

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What with all this talk of ADAM floppy drives, I was curious... how many of the 
different flavors of floppy drives were produced? And as a side how many of you 
out there have bad ADAM disk drives? A much as we all like DDP drives ;) it 
seems like keeping as many of these in working condition as possible would be 
beneficial. I myself have two drives (unmodified currently) and they are a 
little flaky. One works mostly after it's warmed up a bit, and the other I 
wouldn't want to trust to write anything with. I've also got Rich Clee's PM 
floppy disk controller that doesn't quite work right (although I haven't played 
with it yet since you lent it back to me Rich :( ).

We just sold our house (yay), and are in the process of trying to find a new 
place. Once we get settled in to a new house I think I'm going to go "get my 
ADAM on" (as Jim put it) with some hardware tinkering. 
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