[Coladam] Busted ADAM drives?

Jim Notini jnoti2 at comcast.net
Wed Mar 28 23:29:22 CEST 2012

There was a SmartBASIC Public Domain program, that for some reason I did not 
make a disk image copy of, called R.I.D. Test that performed a number of 
Disk Drive tests. I would have to look for the write-up in the NIAD 
Newsletter to refresh my memory on all the functions of the program.

As far as a calibration program, none exist that I had ever seen and I never 
heard of a Coleco made software title made specifically for calibrating the 
ADAM Disk Drive. What you can use for this purpose/alignment testing, 
however, is the Disk Manager program disk that was supplied with each and 
every disk drive made/sold by Coleco. The program does require that the disk 
drive be in fairly good working order in order to load and I'm not sure if 
Coleco purposely programmed it this way... perhaps performing some quick 
tests before loading EOS-7 and then the Disk Manager program.

I was supplied with this info back in the day by Terry Fowler as well as Ed 


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>I think I've got most of the tools necessary to do this, just need to play 
> a few broken examples. The one thing that I don't have is any sort of
> calibration disk. Back in the days of the C-64/1541, I used to use just 
> any old
> commercially duplicated floppy disk, and the density was such that it was 
> easy
> enough to get close by eye. These days I have ready access to an 
> oscilloscope
> and a bit more know how under my belt.
> When I get my stuff back out of storage I'll experiment with mine and see 
> if I
> can make them any better.
> I know you have mentioned before that you have had very bad luck shipping 
> Coleco
> drives. I can't for the life of me understand why Coleco drives should be
> unique, as I've shipped a number of other non-coleco drives without 
> incident.
> There really isn't anything special to them versus any other brand. I 
> wonder if
> environmental factors (heat/cold, humidity) or temporal ("worked when it 
> left
> here!") come into play. I have certainly noticed that my drives tend to be 
> more
> finicky when they are first turned on versus when they are warmed up for 
> some
> time (5-15 minutes).
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> Hope you do, geoff - there is a very big demand for folks who can tinker
> Coleco disc drives back to life - present company included. Admittedly
> yours is for the moment a bit of a left-handed offer, but hope springs
> eternal and if you need any encouragement just holler - the chorus will
> stun you! - rich
> On 3/28/2012 12:09 PM, geoffrey oltmans wrote:
>> What with all this talk of ADAM floppy drives, I was curious... how many 
>> of
> the
>> different flavors of floppy drives were produced? And as a side how many 
>> of
> you
>> out there have bad ADAM disk drives? A much as we all like DDP drives ;) 
>> it
>> seems like keeping as many of these in working condition as possible 
>> would be
>> beneficial. I myself have two drives (unmodified currently) and they are 
>> a
>> little flaky. One works mostly after it's warmed up a bit, and the other 
>> I
>> wouldn't want to trust to write anything with. I've also got Rich Clee's 
>> PM
>> floppy disk controller that doesn't quite work right (although I haven't
> played
>> with it yet since you lent it back to me Rich :( ).
>> We just sold our house (yay), and are in the process of trying to find a 
>> new
>> place. Once we get settled in to a new house I think I'm going to go "get 
>> my
>> ADAM on" (as Jim put it) with some hardware tinkering.
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