[Coladam] ADAM FDC Source Code Project

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I wholeheartedly APPLAUD your efforts and hope that others with the amazing 
abilities/knowledge that you have (like Dale, Rich and Geoff) will jump on 
board to see this project of your's through to the end... it can only serve 
to benefit all involved that continue to plug away (in one way, shape or 
form) with the ADAM Computer.

I will open up the two ADAM disk drives that I have and check to see what 
revision/dated EPROMs I have, but seeing as your's is dated 9-27-84, I would 
venture a guess that you have one of the latest/newest/updated revisions 
available seeing as Coleco was already in the process of getting out of 
further ADAM support and development even though they did not make the 
official announcement until Jan. of '85.

I would REALLY like to see you join up at www.atariage.com to introduce 
yourself and post all this great information there as well on there VERY 
active Forums in the "Classic Gaming General \ ColecoVision & ADAM" section. 
Between this ADAM List that you have been posting to and the AtariAge Forum, 
you will garner the most visibility possible for this great project of 

I'm on my way out know, but when I get back, I'll put together a bunch of 
stuff that you should find useful as well as a bunch of links that WILL 
provide some much needed info and tools.


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> When I first mentioned that I wanted to create a replacement FDC for the 
> Adam, I received mostly positive and some negative comments to my email. 
> One such comment was that I should focus my efforts on something that 
> would be much more rewarding. This got my attention :-) After scouring the 
> net and finding source code listings for the Master 6801, Printer and Tape 
> Drive, I decided that it would likely be beneficial to the Adam community 
> to have a source code listing for the Coleco Disk Drive. So, yesterday, I 
> began a project to disassemble the 6801 FDC Source Code. To start with, I 
> disassembled the RESET Vector code (where the 6801 begins execution upon 
> power up or reset.) I am including that source code with this message. I 
> will continue the project until I have completely disassembled the EPROM, 
> which is a dump from one of my Adam Floppy Disk Drives which is a 2732 
> (U10) labelled: "AD 31, REV. A, 09-27-84" The source code is not yet 
> commented/annotated as I must finish the disassembly before trying to 
> figure out what is going on and thus be able to accurately comment the 
> code.
> If anyone has other versions of the Coleco Disk ROM or other ROMs that 
> need disassembly, feel free to email me the ROM image and I'll work on 
> those too. Just tell me what it is from, how it is labelled, etc. I am 
> really interested in ANY Adam Floppy Disk Controller ROMs other than the 
> one I am currently working on. If anyone would like to join the effort, or 
> perhaps make it a community project, then let's try to find someone to 
> coordinate the project and we'll go from there. I would say this could be 
> a lot of fun, but then someone would no doubt say "you need to get a 
> life..." in which case, I would agree... :-) I do...
> Here is the code thus far:
> Let me know what you think about the project, good or bad... JOHN
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