[Coladam] ADAM FDC Source Code Project

Rich Drushel drushel at apk.net
Fri Mar 30 16:57:00 CEST 2012

On Thu, March 29, 2012 11:43 am, John Turner wrote:

> When I first mentioned that I wanted to create a replacement FDC for the Adam,
> I received mostly positive and some negative comments to my email. One such
> comment was that I should focus my efforts on something that would be much
> more rewarding.

     Yikes, sorry that you got comments like that.  I have always pretty
much followed my own interests and let the results fall where they may.

> After scouring the net and finding
> source code listings for the Master 6801, Printer and Tape Drive,

     I'm sure I've posted these links before, but here is all the 6801-
related source code that I have collected.  Most derives from Chris Braymen,
but some has had cleanup, reconstruction/restoration, or extra commenting
added by me.

(70K) machine-readable 6801 source .ZIP archive (most from ROM disassembly):


(2.9 MB) original ADAMnet Master 6801 source .LST (scan from original printout):


(2.8 MB) original ADAMnet printer 6801 source .LST (scan from original printout):


(4 MB) original ADAMnet tape 6801 source .LST (scan from original printout):


I hope that these prove useful to you, John.

     *Dr. D.*

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