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Jim Notini jnoti2 at comcast.net
Fri Jul 20 22:33:24 CEST 2012

Going the eBay route is hit or miss as far as acquiring a working ADAM 
seeing as most that are listed on there ARE NOT tested by the seller... out 
of laziness or pure ignorance to how to use the computer. I was lucky with 
three large CV & ADAM lots on eBay and the only instance were I received a 
non-working system, I was able to fix with some extra circuit boards that I 
acquired from yet another purchase. I actually flipped about 10 ADAMs last 
year using the AtariAge MarketPlace ( www.atariage.com ), but I'm taking a 
little break from purchasing any more systems due to the amount of work that 
goes into cleaning and testing them before resaling.

If you really want to get an ADAM system that you know will be in working 
order, contant either Bob Slopsema or Rich Clee at the following website:


These two gentlemen are away at ADAMcon in outside of Montreal, so it may 
take a couple days for them to respond. They are long standing ADAMites who 
have a surplus of systems obtained over the years from people moving on and 
will be your best option.

Jim Notini/NIAD

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> What are the realistic and/or affordable options on getting a working ADAM
> these days?  I have come across a very large amount of books and tapes for
> the ADAM, but they are tied to a machine that doesn't have a working
> CPU/printer, so for the tapes to be of any worth (the books are worthwhile
> right now, of course, because of ADAMEm!), I would need to be able to find
> a working ADAM!
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