[Coladam] Changing joystick "fire" buttons

Jim Notini jnoti2 at comcast.net
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In the Virtual ADAM install directory is a subdirectory called DOSbox-0.72 
(or it could have a different version number) and in that directory are 
further instructions for how to use and access DOSbox' functions and setup 
screens. What we have with Virtual ADAM is a tremendous frontend program 
that loads the DOSbox emulator and then runs the ADAMem emulator within 
DOSbox... pretty involved stuff, an emulator running an emulator.

Anyhow, you can't access any of DOSbox's functions until after you load and 
run an ADAM program unless there is a Virtual ADAM command line 
configuration file that I am not aware of because I never had the need to 
look. So do this:

- Load Virtual ADAM
- Select the "Boot SW" checkbox on the main Virtual ADAM screen
- Press the "Boot" button
- Once in SmartWRITER, press CONTROL and F1 at the same time to enter 
DOSbox' Keyboard Mapper

Good Luck,

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> Is it possible to change which keyboard key is mapped to each joystick
> "fire" button in Virtual Adam/AdamEm?
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