[Coladam] Versions of ADAM?

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The ADAM was, of course sold in North America (U.S. and Canada) with some of 
the Canadian ADAM boxes and ???manuals??? being multilingual (English and 

You are correct that it was sold in England in association with CBS 
Electronics, but I'm not sure if both versions (Exp. Mod. #3 and 
Stand-Alone) were sold there... probably both. England actually saw 
widespread availability as can be evidenced by the large users group that 
was based there... U.K.A.S. run by Keith Marner for many years.

The Exp. Mod. #3 WAS sold in FRANCE as well and included a Slot #2 Language 
Card that was populated with the French language version of SmartWRITER. I 
heard about these Interface Cards BITD, but never saw one until about 6 
months ago when a system with this card showed up on eBay France. I grabbed 
the pic and should have went after the system, but shipping would have been 
crazy expensive although I could have told the seller to keep/junk the 

As far as any other countries such as Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, 
etc., I'm have no clue but would assume that they may have made there way to 
these countries, but in extremely small quantities.


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> Am I right in thinking that the ADAM was only ever sold in North America?
> Are there any other localizations besides English in the system ROM?
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