[Coladam] RCA v. coax v. ADAM

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If you have the Stand-Alone ADAM (with the ColecoVision built-in) all you 
need to do to use this version of the ADAM with a Composite TV or Monitor is 
buy a Commodore 1802 Monitor compatible monitor cable... they can be had on 
eBay for around $7-$10. This particular cable has a 5-pin DIN connector that 
plugs into the "AUX VIDEO" connector on the back of the ADAM and either a 
black or yellow RCA Plug that connects to the composite video input of the 
TV/Monitor. This Commodore cable usually only provides one RCA Audio Jack 
that you would plug into the White Audio RCA Input of the TV/Monitor. You 
may get lucky and find a cable that provides 2 Audio RCA lines, but I 
haven't seen one in a while. BTW, Coleco states you need a 7-Pin DIN type 
connector, but the 5-Pin DIN works perfectly.


You can also plus a Composite Video cable into the MONITOR connector on the 
back of the ADAM and then plug the other end into the Composire Video Input 
of the TV/Monitor. This will only provide VIDEO and you would have to find a 
5-Pin or 7-Pin DIN to 1 or 2 RCA AUDIO ONLY Cable. This is the method that 
Coleco details in their instructions, but is a waste seeing as the first 
method I detailed workd great.


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> What are the connections from the ADAM to the TV/monitor?  When I get my
> ADAM, I would like to connect via RCA cables, i.e., 1 composite RCA
> connection for the video & 1 or 2 composite connections for the mono
> audio.  But my understanding is that in order to do this, I would need to
> have a special cable that plugs into a 5-pin port in the back of the ADAM.
> Is it possible to plug two RCA cables into the ADAM, plug them into the 
> TV,
> and be done?  Or am I going to be stuck using the same coaxial jack that I
> use to plug a cable box or most video game systems without
> composite-out into my TV?
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