[Coladam] RCA v. coax v. ADAM

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I was wondering if the commodore cable could be used, but my coleco manual said "if it doesn't say it was made for the Adam it probably won't work", but since you've tried it then I guess it will. The 5 pin DIN was sort of a pseudo standard that started, as far as I can remember, with the Vic-20. The same 5-pin cable that works with Vic-20, C-64, etc. will also work with the NTSC version of the TI-99/4A (the PAL TI-99/4A uses a different cable). So basically then, a commodore 5-pin DIN or a TI-99/4A NTSC 5-pin DIN a/v cable should all work.

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> If you have the Stand-Alone ADAM (with the ColecoVision built-in) all you 
> need to do to use this version of the ADAM with a Composite TV or Monitor is 
> buy a Commodore 1802 Monitor compatible monitor cable... they can be had on 
> eBay for around $7-$10. This particular cable has a 5-pin DIN connector that 
> plugs into the "AUX VIDEO" connector on the back of the ADAM and either a 
> black or yellow RCA Plug that connects to the composite video input of the 
> TV/Monitor. This Commodore cable usually only provides one RCA Audio Jack 
> that you would plug into the White Audio RCA Input of the TV/Monitor. You 
> may get lucky and find a cable that provides 2 Audio RCA lines, but I 
> haven't seen one in a while. BTW, Coleco states you need a 7-Pin DIN type 
> connector, but the 5-Pin DIN works perfectly.
> You can also plus a Composite Video cable into the MONITOR connector on the 
> back of the ADAM and then plug the other end into the Composire Video Input 
> of the TV/Monitor. This will only provide VIDEO and you would have to find a 
> 5-Pin or 7-Pin DIN to 1 or 2 RCA AUDIO ONLY Cable. This is the method that 
> Coleco details in their instructions, but is a waste seeing as the first 
> method I detailed workd great.
> Jim/NIAD
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> > What are the connections from the ADAM to the TV/monitor?  When I get my
> > ADAM, I would like to connect via RCA cables, i.e., 1 composite RCA
> > connection for the video & 1 or 2 composite connections for the mono
> > audio.  But my understanding is that in order to do this, I would need to
> > have a special cable that plugs into a 5-pin port in the back of the ADAM.
> >
> > Is it possible to plug two RCA cables into the ADAM, plug them into the 
> > TV,
> > and be done?  Or am I going to be stuck using the same coaxial jack that I
> > use to plug a cable box or most video game systems without
> > composite-out into my TV?
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